Danish Silver

Possessing a long history and strong aesthetics, Danish silver didn't truly come into its own until the mid to late 18th century, as...

A Glimpse at Danish Jewelry

Jewelry in itself has always served many functions, and in the earliest of times doubled as legal tender, its precious and semiprecious stones, as well as...

Dansk Smykker (Danish Jewelry)

Most early jewelry was imported from other countries at the time, and even the little jewelry created by Danish gold and silver smiths was often designed on foreign models and illustrations, and even still, the materials ...

Thorvald Bindesboll and The Silversmiths

Despite his place in the history of Danish design as one of the key influences that would shape Danish silver of the 20 th century, Thorvald Bindesboll's involvement ran contrary to what one would expect.

The Lunning Prize

For twenty years, between 1951 and 1971, the Lunning Prize was considered the "Nobel Prize" of Scandinavian Design, and was awarded every year to two young designers whom showed the most promise in the decorative arts. Meant to promote the arts and....

Den Permanente

It was in this situation that designer and silversmith Kaj Bojesen had the idea for a permanent exhibition of the finest quality Danish products, where the promotion of the best in modern design could be available for all to witness. 

100 + 3 ID Great Industrial Designs

Industrial design itself is an oft overlooked field within the design world, and encompasses many things, from the most sensitive scientific equipment, to the chair you are sitting on...

Scandinavian Designers and Companies

Learn more about the other companies and designers we carry...

Svend Weihrauch: Solv/Silber 1928-1956 En dansk funktionalist

“From 1928 to 1956, the silversmith Svend Weihrauch (1899-1962) was in charge of the workshop and production activities at the Franz Hingleberg Silversmiths company in Arhus, Denmark- as well as being the company's sole designer...

Karl Gustav Hansen

While growing up, Karl Gustav Hansen had shown great promise in the craft and quit school at a very early age to apprentice as a a silversmith under....

Carl Poul Petersen

Carl Poul Petersen was born in Copenhagen in 1895, and from the age of 13 had apprenticed under Georg Jensen in his workshop for the necessary 5 year period. It was during these formative years that he developed his skills and was greatly influenced by the master, taking very similar Art Nouveau elements and Jensen's unique simplicity and incorporating the into his style.

1940 Catalog from Georg Jensen, Inc.

We were fortunate enough to receive an old catalog from the the original Georg Jensen shop in New York from when Frederik Lunning was still a prominent figure in the history of Scandinavian Design. This wartime catalog is dated 1940, which marks a point...

Solv / Silver  

English summary reprinted from the 1945 Danish publication of the booklet “Solv” released by Aage Weimar.

The craftsmanship in silver and gold in Denmark has enjoyed much and well deserved fame for centuries. As an acknowledged trade we can follow its history right back to the time of Eric of Pommerania.

Det Haandsmedede Bestik /The Hand-wrought Table-Silver

Aage Weimar's hand-wrought table silver has besides all these excellent technical advantages a great number of artistic ones. He also works with the finely balanced effects from the point of appearance and so he attains an appeal to two senses at one and the same time: the sight as well as sense of touch.

Raasolv /Silver Nuggets

Aage Weimar's silver nugget works have risen from an ardent enthusiasm for quite a new material. They are not the result of a clever acquired technique, which has been employed hundreds of times before – they have risen at the discovery of the possibilities present themselves in the direct utilization of the pure silver nuggets and the exploitation of their decorative value.

"Dansk Kunst Haandvaerk" - Danish Crafts - 1960 publication

The following is a series of excepts from the 1960 publication of "Danish Crafts" and shows a number of excellent representations of advertising during the time as well as the feature on Nanna Ditzel's Lunning Prize expedition to Oaxaca, Mexico.

Modern Danish Silver

Silver has always been a desirable medium to work with and collect. Beyond its monetary value, the fine luster of its surface and its malleability which lends it to an infinite shapes has been highly sought. As such, silver tableware has always been a prized possession within the home...

The Hammer Club of Europe

In a matter of a few months, the Hammer Club, will be hosting their annual meeting. But what is the Hammer Club?

Originally formed in 2002 in Hamburg, the Hammer Club is an organization of silversmiths, collectors, and museum experts in Europe aimed to help promote European silversmiths and bring more publicity to their works...


The Hingelberg shop finally closed its doors on September 25th, of this year, after a 117 year run.

It was founded in 1897 by Franz Hingelberg, while he was at the age of 26. Trained as a goldsmith, he was able to secure a much desired location at Lion Pharmacy building on Main Square 5 in Aarhus where his earliest customers included many churches...

The Paper Mobiles of Anni and Bent Knudsen

By 1952, Bent Knudsen had already begun to establish himself as a fine silversmith. In 1945, he had completed his education at the Cohr silver manufactury in Frederica and a year later was gainfully employed with Hans Hansen. It was here with the encouragement of Mrs. Hansen, that Bent Knudsen decided to start his own business experimenting and designing in paper...


From August 29th 2015 to January 31st 2016, the Heart Museum in Herning, Denmark is showcasing a wonderful exhibition to the man behind many of the iconic designs of Dansk, Jens Quistgaard. The exhibition focuses mainly on his time with Dansk Designs, and his partnership with Ted Nierenberg, an American businessman who would found the company in question.

The Hammer Club Redesigns their website

The Hammer Club, an association of European silversmiths, has recently redesigned their website, making it easier to navigate and find information. They have also combined the German and English language versions of the site so that both languages are shown side by side, making it easier for the English speaking population.