Georg Jensen: A Biography

Georg Jensen is the name of a famous Danish silversmith; of a world reknown group of artists and craftsmen who created silverworks...

The Unkown Georg Jensen

Often, Georg Jensen is associated with the Georg Jensen Silversmithy which he had founded and which bears his name. Very few people know the story of the "unknown" side to Georg Jensen, the sculptor, the silversmith and the craftsman...

Mogens Ballin

Mogens Ballin was born in 1871 in Copenhagen as the only child to a pair of well off parents whom fostered his early attraction to the arts, and trained as a painter. He was particularly attracted to the French styles of his time and his French studies with Gauguin's wife..

Georg Jensen: The Danish Silversmith

Georg Jensen was born on August 31st, 1866 in the small town of Radvad, a tiny rural factory town north of Copenhagen surrounded with the beauties of nature. A small nearby marsh was filled with blue clay, to which a child Georg Jensen began to play and experiment with turning his visions of nature into the small figures he enjoyed. The local bricklayers would encourage the young sculptor and praise his works, and his father, Jorgen Jensen, cultivated his instincts to understand nature for it beauty. 

1923 Georg Jensen Brochure

We have obtained a stunningly good  condition Georg Jensen Brochure from 1923, featuring many examples of his exquisite work. We have dutifully scanned the pages and reproduced them here for your enjoyment...

Modern Danish Metalwork: A 1926 "The Studio" article

"Danish Handicraft and art industry has been at a very high standard from old times, it having always been considered a shame for an artisan or artists to deliver up a work which was not as it should be, and numerous works from old times preserved...

The History of Georg Jensen Silverware

The Georg Jensen Company introduced thirty-two silverware patterns between 1906 and 1981. Twenty-seven of these have names and numbers, and five are known by a number only.

Georg Jensen Silverware by Year

A comprehensive list of the Georg Jensen Flatware Patterns listed by Year  

Georg Jensen Jewelry

The Georg Jensen Silversmithy has had a profound influence over the realm of Scandinavian Design andthe styles of the times. From the early days when Georg Jensen himself was responsible for designing all of the pieces in his line to today's collections, the idea of a singular thread of “Jensen style”has been recognized, especially in the silversmithy's jewelry lines.

Georg Jensen: A Man of His Time

 It couldn't have come at a better time, as Europe itself was more interested in handicrafts. Further inspiration and exposure was to follow as in 1899, the Danish Museum of Art and Design held an exhibition entitled “Modern English Applied Art”, which featured the current trends in design and of the Arts and Crafts movement in England.

The Art That is Life: Georg Jensen and the Viability of the Artist-Craftsman

The time before and during Georg Jensen's rise to fame, a number of other artists-craftsmen had struggled with with the problem of creating a sustainable income off of their creations. By the time Georg Jensen opened his shop in 1904, the struggle between the individual craftsman and the factory had just started to take its final approach in favor of the factory.

Braving the Modern: Georg Jensen Jewelry, 1925-1970

During the 20's and into the 30's styles began to change once again, as industrialization took hold, and sleeker, more streamlined forms suited the machine operations of the new world, and the industrialization processes began to promise more of the democratization of goods, which suited the ideals of the populace.

Building an International Reputation: The Georg Jensen Phenomenon in the United States, 1915-1973

The Georg Jensen silversmithy would have never become the international success that it eventually became if it was not for its success in the United States and the incredible marketing through the efforts of a few key individuals and its proliferation through a number of exhibitions and events.  

Georg Jensen: Silver and Design

The Georg Jensen company has become a world renowned name synonymous with high quality design, however its illustrious past started rather humbly when over 106 years ago, a former sculptor, turned once again to his old trade and set up his workshop at 36 Bredgade in Copenhagen. This artist was named Georg Jensen.

The History of the Georg Jensen Kingmark

 On the occasion of King Christian's birthday and in an effort to rally around the royal family during these difficult times, Georg Jensen Silver issued a royal emblem...

Frederik Lunning

It was during this time he became acquainted with the Georg Jensen firm and began to sell their items as well as promote the silversmithy.

Georg Jensen Hallmarks

Under the Danish Hallmarking Act of 1893, the content standard for all silver was set at 826 parts out of 1,000, which is slightly lower than the standard for...


Finding your ring size can often be confusing and difficult. Especially when considering the variety of different standards of measurements used throughout the world. With most Georg Jensen rings, the sizes indicated are based on the size of the inner circumference of the ring's opening in millimeters (mm).


Throughout the time we have spent gathering and selling many of the pieces of Georg Jensen that are and have been in our collection, we occasionally have stumbled across a few pieces that have been modified. In some cases, the modifications have added to the rich history of the item, giving a personality and vitality to the individual item, such as in the case of monograms and engravings.

Swedish Year Marks Chart

 After Georg Jensen had purchased the A Michelson silversmithy, they began introducing the Swedish dating system to some pieces...

Ib Georg Jensen

 Ib Georg Jensen is the youngest surviving son of the silversmith Georg Jensen. He was born in Hellerup, on August 5th 1927. He trained as a potter at Herman Kahler ceramics in 1947, and followed much in his father's foot steps, opening his own pottery shop, Muk Pottery, adopted from a childhood pseudonym, in 1949. Soon after he joined Den Permanente...

2000 Georg Jensen Signature Dispute

In 1985, the Georg Jensen silversmith had officially merged with Royal Copenhagen. While the Georg Jensen tradition and product line was going to continue, plans were underway to reinvent the existing Georg Jensen logo, starting in 1989 with the opening of their new Chicago location. The new logo was to incorporate the Georg Jensen name, a crown, and Georg Jensen's original signature, which was to put onto all of their printed materials, such as catalogs, shopping bags, tissue paper, and so on.

Interview with Michael Krogsgaard

You are the Chairman of the Georg Jensen Society (GJS).  What does the GJS do and how did you become involved in it?

Interview with David Taylor

My interest in Georg Jensen silver was sparked many years ago when I saw pieces of Georg Jensen jewelry for the first time. It was in New York City, and the pieces were in a display case in a prominent store. I had never seen anything like Jensen...

Bahrain Investcorp purchases Georg Jensen for $140M

On November 5th 2012, it was announced that the Georg Jensen Silversmithy was purchased by a Bahrain-based investment firm...

In Memoriam: Georg Jensen; Designer, Craftsman, Silversmith

With the death of Georg Jensen last October, Denmark lost one of its greatest creative craftsmen. It is safe to say that no other silversmith in the present of any other age exercised a more potent and profound influence on contemporary design in his own particular field than this sincere and single-hearted genius...

Meet the new leaders of Georg Jensen

Recently it was announced that David Chu, former founder of Nautica, will be taking on the role of CEO of the Georg Jensen company. Joining him will be Marcus Teo, who will be taking on the position of Vice President and Chief Creative Officer, as well as Tony Wang of Apple, who will be President of the Asia-Pacific division. 

1972 Georg Jensen Silver Catalog

Peruse the 1972 copy of the Georg Jensen Silver Catalog. This catalog is one of our best reference guides for identifying the designers and pieces from the Georg Jensen Silversmithy.


Peruse the 1972 copy of the Georg Jensen Gold Catalog. This catalog is one of our best reference guides for identifying the designers and pieces from the Georg Jensen Silversmithy.


In honor of the 150th year since his birth, The Koldinghus Museum is presenting a retrospective on the life and works of Georg Jensen entitled, “Georg Jensen – A Tale of Danish Silver” between September 4th 2015 and February 2016.