The Hammer Club Redesigns Their Website


The Hammer Club, an association of European silversmiths, has recently redesigned their website, making it easier to navigate and find information. They have also combined the German and English language versions of the site so that both languages are shown side by side, making it easier for the English speaking population. 

In the past we have reported on the Hammer Club's yearly competition open to members to showcase their wares and compete for a wonderful prize in various amounts of silver. The Hammer Club was founded in 2002 and takes its inspiration from the German and Danish silversmiths of the past, and aims to continue the tradition of spectacular design and quality craftsmanship in silver. In addition to the competition, their yearly meetings also feature lectures and presentations on the craft and are held in a different museum with a focus on the silversmithing of the past. 

In addition to their own activities, the Hammer Club also keeps itself up to date on the various events and museum exhibitions that are associated with their craft. (these resources, unfortunately, are primarily in German).