NAJA SALTO (1945 - 2016 )

Naja Salto was born in 1945, and is the daughter of renowned ceramicist, Axel Salto. Trained as a weaver in the Design School in Copenhagen between 1962 and 1966, she also studied scenography at the National Theatre School from 1972-1976.  Since 1966, in her own workshop,  Naja Salto has created numerous tapestries, characterized by a rich, narrative imagery with elements of sky and sea, often in bright, strong colors, including Sea around Denmark (1986) and since the 1990s, she has also expanded into paintings.
She has also created numerous installations, including ones for Holmen's Church in Copenhagen, Carl Nielsen Museum in Odense and reception area at King room in Copenhagen Airporthas. Naja Salto has also designed the stage curtain for the  National Museum and chasubles for Copenhagen Cathedral.