HUGO LIISBERG (1896 – 1958)

The sculptor Hugo Liisberg was self taught and completed his apprenticeship at the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactury in 1915.He followed by studying at the Bourdelles School in Paris in 1920. Inspired from his mother’s country, Sweden, from his numerous visits during childhood, his sculpture and design often take forms from nature. Often Liisberg would visit the zoo to study the animals for his sculptures, which show in his work's high level of realism. In 1930, he began working with Nathalie Krebs, founder of Saxbo, a company which focused on the stoneware that held his interest so much. In the 40's he designed four jewelry pieces for Georg Jensen, all brooches, which are similar to Arno Malnowski's works, however are easily differentiated by the greater detail present in Liisberg's work. He was awarded a gold medal by the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and the Eckersberg Medal in 1942.

(Georg Jensen Silversmithy- 77 Artists, 75 Years)