Olaf Staehr - Nielsenwas born in Aarhus in 1896 and trained at the Academy of Fine Arts, as one of the first students of Einar Utzon-Frank, the renowned Danish sculptor.whom was influential to many other designers. Olaf had developed a personal style which relief heavily on natural themes and free shapes. Primarily he is known for his reliefs and sculptural work on a number of public buildings, such as the giant “Tree of Sciences” at Aarhus University. In 1935, he married Eva, (then Eva Wilhelm), a former student of his. After graduating from the School of Arts in Copenhagen, (in 1932) she began working for Saxbo, one of the most prominent independent ceramic workshops in Denmark. During her time there, she had contributed a number of designs, essentially defining the “classic Saxbo style” with Nathaniel Krebs and her sculptural shapes and refined patterns which went on to influence many ceramicists to this day. Though she did not throw her own forms, she was was heavily involved in the pieces she designed, which have been showcased worldwide and appear in numerous museums, such as the Swedish National Museum, the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Arts in New York. After the closing of Saxbo in 1968, she moved on to work for Royal Copenhagen where she worked the rest of her life.

Olaf and Eva often inspired each other artistically in their respective works, sometimes working together on various pieces for Saxbo, and are accredited with designing certain pieces for the Georg Jensen silversmithy.

(Georg Jensen Silversmithy- 77 Artists, 75 Years)