Annette Kraen and Her Annual Christmas Exhibition 2014


Renowned goldsmith Annette Kraen once again held her annual Christmas exhibition in the Northern Funen region of Denmark. She along with other female artists and friends from the region to put together a spectacular show of their latest works. The show was held on a Saturday a few weeks prior to Christmas and lasted only 4 hours, yet had attendees lined up to enter. Overall the turnout was spectacular, and with Anette Kraen handling the sales, left her with little time to meet and greet her favorite clients.

Held twice a year, her shows take place far away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan life of nearby Danish cities in her own private workshop. The shows only last for a very limited time and is held for only one day, making this events all the more alluring and special.

Each exhibition has focused on a theme, and the artists and designers invited are all hand picked by Anette Kraen herself. The show has attracted the attention of several local news outlets in previous years and brings to light the wonderful skill and design sense of local talent. The items shown are available for sale on the spot, with a "first come, first serve" policy, though arrangements could be made as the artists on location. 

For those that may not know, Anette Kraen has been well regarded as one of the top goldsmiths in Denmark and has a a wonderful history of working with precious metals. In addition to her time spent designing jewelry for Georg Jensen, she has also worked on numerous other projects, including the restoration and repair to the baptismal basin and pitcher for the Otterup Church in 2013 with silversmith Peter Vedel Taning, which had been worn down and patched over the many previous years. (a pictorial documentation of the restoration can be found here). She has also been responsible for creating the City of Odense's gift, a pair of beautiful jeweled brooches based on the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen, to the Royal Crown Princess Mary when She visited the city in July of 2004. She has also been shown at numerous international exhibitions on design, including shows in Stockholm, Paris, Edinburgh, and Tokyo. and has won awards at competitions held by the Association of Danish Goldsmiths in 1972,1976,1978, an 1980. Her creative designs make use of precious metals, but also sometimes incorporate more unusual materials including horsehair and sea glass among others. At the exhibition this year she displayed a series of her own handcrafted Christmas decorations. 

Also present were several fabric artists, including Nina Ferlov and Jette Nevers who have designed textiles for Georg Jensen Damask, and participated in exhibitions world wide.

Birgitte Floe known more so for her stunning artistic creations using painted folded paper and fiber, and whose design and decoration work can be seen in several public spaces such as in the Danish Banker's Association's building and the Maritime and Commercial Court in Copenhagen was also present. She displayed a fine collection of textile jewelry.

Vibeke Deleuran, a local basketweaver and instructor, was well received for her creative wicker work at the event and also present were artists Dorte Daugaard Madsen, who created a series of Christmas ornaments and Britt-Marie Rumler responsible for lighting. 

Phone conversation with Anette Kraen January 2015

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