Pictures from the Jens Harald Quistgaard exhibit at the Heart Museum

by Soren Jensen

During my trip back in may I had the pleasure of visiting the city of Herning for the Heart Museum's exhibition on Jens Quistgaard The show was most fantastic and highlighted many of Jens Quistgaard's iconic works. Everything was well arranged and curated by Stig Guldberg, whose attention to detail and understanding of the artist shows in the exhibit.

You can see some pictures from the trip below.

Georg Jensen Show in LA at Decades 1998.

by Soren Jensen

Cameron Silver visited me several times when I had my humble shop on 25th street in Manhattan, and over the course of our meetings we got to know each other and we became friends. One day, in 1998, Cameron asked if I would like to have a Georg Jensen show in his store DECADES on Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles, to which I said, “I would love to!”.

I contacted Georg Jensen’s granddaughter Ea Jensen, who lived in Rye NY. She was thrilled of the idea, so my wife, Alice, Ea and myself sat down and made plans for the show. The girls took the responsibility for making a catalog for the show and I gathered a number of Jensen pieces from clients and of my own, so we could show a variety of jewelry, flatware and hollowware.

Cameron offered his parents guesthouse in Hollywood for us to stay in. A great idea we thought. Cameron generously paid for everything with the show in his store, showcases decoration material, advertising and all sorts of things, and I would like to point out, he was quite generous and elaborate. Everything he arranged was the best.

On the opening night Cameron arranged a fantastic event. Valet parking, waiters in tuxedos served fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate plus more. The store was packed with people the whole evening, and the press came to write about the show.

The show was open daily for 2 weeks, and I was in the store every day and met people who stopped by to see the show. One day I meet 2 gentlemen, very kind and most interesting in a Georg Jensen flatware set. I'm sorry to say, they did not buy the set, however when they left Cameron asked me if I knew who they were, I told him I had no idea.

He said it was Tom Ford and his friend.

I said, “Oh Ford from the car family.”

“No, no....” Cameron said, “Tom Ford is the designer for Gucci!”

I am most thankful to Cameron for everything he did. It was a lot of fun and gave me good memories.

Here is a link to cameron’s store if you would like to visit.

February 2015 - A trip to Denmark

by Soren Jensen

I went to Denmark a few weeks ago to meet with a few dealer friends of mine and to stop by and visit a few family members along the way.

I arrived in Copenhagen some time around noon and took the train to the shopping area where my friends of many years had their shop. When I got to their shops I began browsing for some new and unusual finds to add to our collection (which you can see on our What's New page), when they broke to me the bad news. Despite several years of successful business, they were, sadly, closing the next day. They had, unfortunately, suffered too much theft as of recent, and, with the rising costs of security and insurance, had found that it was time to retire. With a heavy heart, this would be the last visit to this particular shop.

I then went to the hotel I was staying at, the Hotel Bethel in Nyhavn, which I have stayed at several times during my trips, and overlooks the canals. I then decided to take an evening stroll around the city.

It was misting rain, but nevertheless a wonderful and pleasant evening. As I crossed the Royal Theater Square, the aroma of fine Danish hot dogs caught my nose. It's a bit of an indulgence, but I normally reserve getting a Danish hot dog for when I'm at the airport, and is one of those small things that reminds me I am back home. Across the square I spotted the hotdog vendor, and as I began to cross the street, I was dismayed to see he began to shut down for the night.

Disappointed but not beaten, I began my walk, up Store Kogensgade, where many  shops were located, and was delighted to simply browse the shop windows and watch the people as they passed by. The streets were alive and full of energy during the early evening.

Turning off the road on to one of the side streets, I happened upon a traditional Danish restaurant, Toldbod Bodega, with a traditional sandwich board outside with the night's specials written in chalk: " Brisket of Beef with Horseradish Sauce "  and in danish" Oksebryst med Pepperrodssovs og Groensager"

The delicious smells emanating from the building and the cheerful noise from the patrons was too much to resist.

Upon entering, I was met at once by a young blonde woman, who, in perhaps not the most pleasant way, greeted me, “And what do you want?” I was a bit surprised, of course, and, with my mouth watering, asked if I could get a bit to eat. She had replied that, of course, they were a bit busy, and had no available tables, to which I responded, “That's perfectly fine, I'll sit in the kitchen and eat if I must!”

She, of course, laughed, and found me a spot to sit at a table which was reserved for a party that was to show up later. I ordered my dinner, one of the specials from the chalkboard outside. While I sipped my beer I enjoyed watching the fellow patrons enjoy the cozy atmosphere of the restaurant, and when my meal came out, I was amazed by the sight of the dishes of brisket of beef, horseradish sauce and vegetables before me. I savored every bite of my meal, along with their fine selection of aquavit which paired nicely with my meal. For dessert, I ordered a lemon mousse with whipped cream, which was equally wonderful and the perfect end to a fabulous meal. I paid for my meal, and set about to finish my evening stroll. It was great to be back in Copenhagen.

A few days later, my daughter, Louise, had made reservations for another fantastic restaurant, Frocken Koch, a wonderful Danish restaurant in my home town of Aarhus. We had to make reservations ahead of time for a special dinner. We started the meal by being served a glass of champagne and for the next 4 hours the most delicious food were served. If you are ever in Aarhus, I recommend making reservations